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Healthcare – Need to Ensure Compliance

A healthcare company ensures HIPAA compliance of its hybrid workforce with Veriato insider risk management solutions. Veriato’s user activity monitoring ensured remote employees were handling PHI data correctly and safely. read more

Healthcare – Creating Trust with Hybrid Workers

Veriato helps a large claims integrity company optimize productivity and ensure compliance of their hybrid workforce. The company was able to be more competitive in their hiring and retain valuable employees. read more

Employee Monitoring Implementation Improves Operations

A rapid growing Customer Experience company didnŐt have the sophisticated business processes in place that many would expect from a company of its growing size. read more

Fighting Recidivism of High-Risk Offenders With Veriato

Veriato helps Parole Officers and prison systems maintain visibility into the online and physical movement and activities of sex offenders and other high-risk individuals as they move among society. read more

Detecting Data Theft

After being caught off guard by an embezzling bookkeeper, Ashton Financial senior executive and de facto Network Admin Chuck Benedon resolved to never again be a victim of insider threat. He sought a software solution to detect data theft and improve operations in the office. read more

Successfully Monitoring and Detecting Data Leaks

One major Law Enforcement Agency in Great Britain needed software that helped deter theft of its intellectual property (IP) to protect vital information. They turned to Veriato to keep their data secure and immediately notify administrators of inappropriate use or theft of intellectual property. read more

Acceptable Usage Policies & Computer Monitoring

Bexhil College's Systems Engineer and Network Administrator worked with administration to develop an Acceptable Usage Policy and implement Veriato's computer monitoring software to successfully enforce compliance. read more

Improving Employee Productivity In the Workplace

According to Steve Mitchell, Information Technology Manager, GMI Insurance Services had a productivity problem. They used Veriato Cerebral to improve employee productivity in the workplace. The software revealed lots of personal mischief. read more

Data Breach Response & Caldicott Compliance

A data breach and the risk to Caldicott Principles compliance cried out for monitoring software at St. MargaretŐs Somerset Hospice. Their data breach response secured their data but also allowed for comprehensive monitoring of confidential information to remain Caldicott Principle compliant. read more

Easy Implementation of Productivity Monitoring Software

FCHR had the suspicion that employee productivity was low as a result of internet misuse. MIS Manager Fredrick Smith was asked to look at employee monitoring software for their HR department. read more

Meeting & Maintaining PCI Compliance

The Blackburn Rovers needed software that would help the club stay compliant with the rules and regulation of the worldwide Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. They turned to Veriato to support their PCI compliance initiatives and monitor their employee activity. read more

Securing Intellectual Property With Employee Monitoring

Level Up! is an international online gaming company headquartered in the Republic of the Philippines. read more

Implementing Employee Monitoring Software

Transitioning from an independently owned business to part of a public company created a bit of culture shock for the employees of IMV Projects. IT Manager Ross Benov needed to implement employee monitoring software after restrictions were tightened and turned to Veriato for a smooth and easy setup read more