About Veriato

Over 20 Years of Industry Leadership


Veriato has reinvented the category it created, using AI based user behavior analytics to help companies prevent risks and increase productivity in their remote, hybrid and in-office environments. Veriato’s platform offers solutions for Insider Risk Management (IRM), behavioral analytics, user activity monitoring (UAM) and data loss prevention (DLP) in a single powerful platform. Veriato delivers monitoring, alerts, reporting and screenshots, allowing customers to be predictive and proactive rather than reactive, critical in cybersecurity.


Awareness Technologies, the private equity backed parent company of Veriato, is a company dedicated to helping organizations to be productive and secure. By creating greater understanding of digital usage, Awareness helps our customers make more informed decisions and take the right actions when needed. Awareness established the user monitoring product category over twenty years ago and remains the leader in collecting and analyzing digital user behavior and engagement. 

Why Veriato?

20 years of category-defining leadership

Proven track record of improving productivity and insider risk detection across thousands of major corporations, SMBs and governments globally.

AI-powered workforce behavior analytics

Predictive analytics go beyond passive monitoring to help boost employee productivity and mitigate insider risk.

Easy to deploy, simple to use, a breeze to maintain

Flexible SaaS, private cloud or on-prem deployment options with omni-device monitoring capabilities

Thousands of Customers Across Hundreds of Thousands of Endpoints Globally

Our Leadership Team

Elizabeth Harz

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Diwakar

Chief Product and Technology Officer

David Morrow

Chief Customer Officer

Monique Zubicki

Head of Sales, Americas

Liz Carisone

Chief Financial Officer

David Koury

Global Head of Customer Success