Insider Risk Management & User Activity Monitoring, Powered by Gen AI

Veriato offers predictive behavior intelligence built with AI to help organizations predict insider risk and monitor employee activity in their remote, hybrid and in-office environments.

Thousands of Customers Across Hundreds of Thousands of Endpoints Globally

Next-Generation Insider Risk & User Activity Monitoring Capabilities

Insider Risk Management (IRM)

Get unprecedented insight into user behavior with GenAI-driven risk scoring, sentiment analysis and pattern identification.

  • Unparalleled risk detection capabilities.
  • Advanced behavior pattern identification across logon events, document activity, email activity and other user behavior.
  • Comprehensive language and sentiment analysis.

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User Activity Monitoring (UAM)

Gain complete visibility into your employees’ activities to track productivity and spot compliance issues.

  • Identify malicious or unsecure employee activity.
  • Spot productivity issues.
  • Detect fraud & potentially damaging behavior.
  • Uncover compliance risk.

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Unmatched Global Reach

We serve thousands of customers across almost 70 countries around the globe.

Deep Vertical Expertise

Over 20 years of experience serving countless industries, from healthcare and financial services to education and public sector.


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Insider Risk & Employee Monitoring Resources

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