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Veriato Insider Risk Management Solutions

AI-Driven Insider Risk Detection

Protect your organization from insider threats with predictive behavior analytics and user activity monitoring.

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AI-Based Behavior Analysis

Continuously track each user and automatically identify unusual or risky activity with Veriato’s AI-based behavior analysis.

Psycholinguistic Analysis

Identify opinions expressed in email text to determine the writer’s sentiment.

Risk Scoring

Compile various risk factors and signals into a risk score for each user monitored and view them on a single dashboard.


Choose between three types of screenshots: Continuous, Keyword Triggered and Activity Triggered.

Web & Application Use

Monitor website and application use, collect activity data and proactively identify potential risk factors.

Email & Chat Monitoring

Capture communications activity in traditional email clients as well as many popular chat and messaging applications.

Network Activity

Autonomously capture connections made by applications, including ports used and bandwidth consumed.

File & Document Tracking

Track activities on local, removable, and cloud storage, as well as print operations. See when files are created, edited, deleted, or renamed.

Reports & Real-Time Alert

Choose from many preset reports or customize your own. Set up real-time alerts that fit your productivity metrics.

Protect Your Company and Customers From Potential Risk

Address the Weakest Link

It’s critical for companies to focus on their weakest security link – its people. According to IBM, 60% of data breaches are caused by insiders – either maliciously or inadvertently. Network monitoring and document lockdowns are not sufficient and create unnecessary access issues for remote and hybrid employees.

Democratize Data with Confidence

Remote and hybrid work environments make it necessary to access company assets remotely, sometimes over poorly secured network connections and mobile devices. An insider threat management solution proactively monitors access to your most sensitive data and alerts you of any suspected malicious activity.

Get Ahead of Threats

Many organizations are reactive, addressing data breaches and other threats after they occur. Move your security posture from reactive to proactive by recognizing signs of potential threats with insider threat detection. Monitor changes in an employee’s attitude, behavioral patterns and get alerted to potential threats before they occur.

Insider Threat Management Guide

Steps to Get Ahead of Insider Threats

In the current insider threat landscape, security and risk management leaders have a greater need to assess and manage insider risks. They must evaluate and strengthen their insider risk program, including surveillance of high-risk workers and anomaly monitoring of critical applications and data. In this ebook, you’ll learn the key trends shaping the insider threat landscape and steps to get ahead of increasing insider threats.

Common Employee Monitoring Questions

What are the signs of insider threat?

There are several activities that could indicate someone is an insider threat. You may have an insider threat if an employee:

  • Grants themselves access to more privileged information.
  • Begins to access privileged information more often.
  • Accesses privileged information that they should not need to access to perform their job duties.
  • Prints a lot of documents or begins downloading data onto a personal USB.
  • Uses a weak password.
  • Leaves their computer on without logging off or exiting applications with sensitive information.

These behaviors are red flags that every company should take seriously to prevent a cyberattack.

How do I mitigate insider threats?

Here are the five steps you should take to reduce the risk of insider attacks within your organization:

  • Identify your most valuable assets, so you know what needs to be protected.
  • Establish an insider threat program that outlines how you will monitor employees and detect insider threats.
  • Begin monitoring employees and analyzing user data to identify suspicious activity.
  • Enforce the rules and the consequences for failing to comply with company policy.
  • Conduct cybersecurity training with your employees to ensure they know what they can do to prevent an attack and the consequences of maliciously committing an attack.
What are the building blocks of a successful insider risk management program?

Because you never know where an attack will come from, it’s critical that every endpoint is protected from both external and internal attacks. Typically, a robust security strategy incorporates the following capabilities:

  • User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • User Activity Monitoring (UAM)
  • Data Breach Response (DBR)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Veriato’s platform incorporates most of these capabilities under one roof, powering everything with proprietary machine learning capabilities.

Why do I need an insider risk management and detection solution?

An insider threat management solution like Veriato will help you monitor your most sensitive data, track user activity and monitor for potential breaches before they happen. It will also help you ensure regulatory compliance, conduct audits and respond quickly to any data breaches.

Veriato can help you take your insider risk detection a step further and proactively monitor for threats by using machine learning to analyze user behavior, identify risk factors and generate risk scores for each monitored user.

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