Predictive Behavior Intelligence for the Healthcare Industry

Safeguard PII/PHI data and ensure regulatory compliance by predicting and preventing insider risks.

Thousands of Customers Across Hundreds of Thousands of Endpoints Globally


is the average cost of a data breach for the healthcare industry – IBM

Veriato Meets Unique Healthcare Requirements

Monitor User Interaction with Health Records

While Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications provide an audit trail of access to records, healthcare organizations need to understand data usage beyond EHR to ensure data security and compliance. User activity monitoring solutions from Veriato allow detailed tracking of data being accessed, applications used and much more.

Demonstrate HIPAA & Other Regulatory Compliance

Veriato assists with the healthcare industry’s ever-present mandate to meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements by demonstrating that protective controls are in place and are effective. Proactively monitor for potential threats, set up fully customizable, real-time alerts and make reporting easier.

Conduct Reviews & Audits

Veriato helps healthcare organizations conduct audits and mitigate any data breaches by logging detailed, contextual, rich user activity data and PHI usage. Our software makes staying compliant and running audits much easier, with real-time alerts to customizable reporting and dashboards. User activity data is collected continuously, and a data trail is available for audits and internal investigations.

Bring the Power of Generative AI to Your Cyber Security Stack

Veriato Closes the Gap With Predictive Risk Intelligence

Veriato applies the power of Generative AI to detect, identify and predict risky user behaviors based on user activity data, language and sentiment analysis and anomaly detection though pattern matching.

Veriato IRM can proactively identify high-risk activity, analyze employee behavior and monitor your intellectual property faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market.

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Unparalleled Risk Detection

Domain specific Generative AI trained with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) for language analysis.

Complex Dimensional Analysis

Get a rich, multi-dimensional picture of user behavior with GenAI-driven Risk Scoring.

Powerful Anomaly Detection

Easily detect anomalous activity based on a rolling baseline unique to your organization.

Industry-Leading Pattern Identification

Understand and analyze patterns across logon events, document activity, email activity and much more.

Comprehensive Language & Sentiment Analysis

Detect changes in tone and sentiment with Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities.

Automatic PII/PHI Identification

Use RAG pre-trained models to automatically identify sensitive information on screen for alerts or reduction.

AI-Powered Threat Alerts

Minimize alert fatigue and the burden on your IT team with powerful alerts with risk score, behavior and anomaly triggers.

Flexible Deployment Options

Securely store data in the cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid cloud environment. Use regional servers to meet regulatory requirements, like GDPR.

Latest Microservices Architecture

The new microservices platform architecture allows for flexible deployment, minimal endpoint device impact and scalability to tens of thousands of endpoints.

Healthcare Industry Case Studies

Healthcare – Need to Ensure Compliance

A healthcare company ensures HIPAA compliance of its hybrid workforce with Veriato insider risk management solutions. Veriato’s user activity monitoring ensured remote employees were handling PHI data correctly and safely.

Healthcare – Creating Trust with Hybrid Workers

Veriato helps a large claims integrity company optimize productivity and ensure compliance of their hybrid workforce. The company was able to be more competitive in their hiring and retain valuable employees.

Common Employee Monitoring Questions

What Is Insider Risk Management?

Insider risk management in the healthcare industry involves identifying, mitigating, and preventing cyber security risks posed by individuals within the organization. These risks can come from employees, contractors, or associates who have access to sensitive information and systems. Effective insider risk management strategies are crucial for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of patient data, thus ensuring trust and compliance with regulatory requirements.

What Insider Risk Challenges Does The Healthcare Industry Face?

The healthcare industry faces unique insider risk challenges, including the need to comply with strict regulatory requirements like HIPAA, protect sensitive patient information, and manage a distributed workforce that may include remote or hybrid employees. The transition to digital health records and the increasing complexity of healthcare IT systems have further heightened these risks. Insider threats can lead to data breaches, financial losses, legal penalties, and erosion of patient trust.

Key Features of Veriato's Healthcare Solution

Veriato offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to address the insider risk management needs of healthcare organizations. Veriato can help healthcare companies to:

  • Get Ahead of Insider Risk: Veriato’s AI-powered algorithms proactively monitor and analyze user behavior to identify abnormal or suspicious activities. By generating and assigning individual risk scores to each user, the platform enables healthcare organizations to detect and mitigate insider threats effectively.
  • Establish Robust Data Security Protocols: Veriato allows healthcare organizations to monitor application, email, and web usage comprehensively, and track PHI data access. The use of AI to generate risk scores helps get ahead of t data breaches and other insider threats, ensuring that sensitive patient information remains secure.
  • Monitor Use Interaction with Health Records: Beyond tracking Electronic Health Records (EHR) access, Veriato offers detailed monitoring of data usage, application use, and more, to ensure comprehensive data security and compliance.
  • Demonstrate HIPAA & Other Regulatory Compliance: Veriato assists healthcare organizations in meeting HIPAA and other regulatory requirements by providing tools for proactive threat monitoring, customizable alerts, and simplified reporting, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of protective controls.
  • Conduct Reviews & Audits: The platform supports healthcare organizations in conducting audits and mitigating data breaches by logging detailed, contextual user activity data. Veriato makes staying compliant and running audits easier, offering a continuous data trail for internal investigations.
Why is Insider Risk Management Important in the Healthcare Industry?

Insider risk management is vital in the healthcare industry to protect PHI, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and maintain the integrity of healthcare services. According to IBM, the average costs of a breach in healthcare reached nearly $11 million in 2023, with 60% of data breaches caused by insiders.. Effective risk management strategies help prevent data breaches, protect patient privacy, and uphold the trust that patients place in healthcare providers.

How to Get Started with Veriato?

Getting started with Veriato requires several essential actions:

  • Evaluation: Assess your existing risk landscape and pinpoint insider threats that are pertinent to your entity. Once ready, schedule a Veriato demo.
  • Deployment: Implement Veriato’s IRM solutions designed to oversee, scrutinize, and address insider actions efficiently.
  • Education: Instruct your staff about the critical role of insider risk management and the effective use of Veriato’s instruments for identifying and countering threats.
Other Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insider threats can Veriato help identify?

Veriato is equipped to help identify a wide range of insider threats, including but not limited to, malicious activities by disgruntled employees, accidental data leaks by uninformed staff, and compromised accounts due to external attacks. Our sophisticated monitoring and analysis capabilities are designed to help detect unusual behavior patterns, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and potential insider fraud.


How does Veriato ensure privacy while monitoring employee activities?

Veriato prioritizes privacy and compliance with legal standards by providing customizable settings that allow organizations to adjust the monitoring intensity. We ensure that monitoring practices are transparent and in alignment with both regulatory requirements and ethical considerations, focusing on balancing security needs with individual privacy rights.


What type of support does Veriato offer to its customers?

Veriato provides comprehensive support to its customers, including technical support, training resources, and customer service. Support options range from online resources and knowledge bases to direct support from experienced technicians, ensuring that customers can effectively implement, optimize, and utilize Veriato’s solutions.


How does Veriato adapt to the evolving nature of insider threats?

By leveraging generative AI in its behavior analytics, Veriato continuously learns and improves on its predictive insider risk capabilities. This proactive approach allows Veriato to offer dynamic solutions that evolve with the changing security environment.