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What Do Your Remote Employees Do All Day?

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You can regain visibility and control. Veriato’s employee monitoring software provides visibility and productivity reporting so you can see who’s working hard… and who’s hardly working!

Join Digital Boardwalk and Veriato In this free webinar replay as we discuss:

  • Advanced Productivity Reporting – log-in times, application usage times, and more
  • Simplified software deployment for remote PCs and Macs
  • Fine Grain control over who and what is monitored
  • The compliance nightmares caused by remote workers and how to solve it
  • Keeping your valuable data safe, while it sits in your employee’s house

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Employee Monitoring Resources

The Human Centric Approach to Data Loss Prevention

The Human Centric Approach to Data Loss Prevention

In today’s work-from-anywhere organization, a data loss prevention (DLP) strategy is more essential than ever. A critical part of DLP strategy is to understand the intent behind why people move files, email spreadsheets, print documents and upload files outside your...

Strengthening Your Insider Risk Program

Strengthening Your Insider Risk Program

Insider risk has increased 47% in the past two years. Theft, data leakage, hacking - insider risk is a real threat to your bottom line. It comes from employees and others granted access to your internal systems, and most companies do not have the technology or...