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Managing The Compliance & Security Nightmares Caused By A Remote Workforce

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As employees connect to servers each morning through VPN, to download corporate data that they need, compliance and security can easily be compromised. As soon as the employee disconnects from the VPN, corporate visibility is lost and compliance can’t be maintained.

There are precautions and best practices that are being employed by many organizations and should be part of the security and compliance infrastructure as companies adapt to the new norm of both people and sensitive data residing in remote locations.

So how do companies protect themselves with the right tools to mitigate compliance and security concerns?

Watch our latest Webinar Replay as we discuss solutions and strategies to mitigate compliance and security concerns:

  • Maintaining compliance while employees work remotely
  • Maintaining Compliance when employees go offline
  • VPN vulnerabilities as a result of a remote workforce
  • The increased threat posed by remote employees

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