Ordering Terms

  • Underlying Agreement: The software and services provided by Veriato under this order are governed by the End User License Agreement found at: https://www.veriato.com/support/eula unless you have a signed written agreement Veriato.
    • The EULA exclusively governs the relationship and agreement between Veriato and Subscriber related to the software and services as described in the EULA.
    • No modification of the EULA by Subscriber or the terms of any purchase order or other similar document have any effect on Veriato.
  • Renewal: The annual subscription will auto-renew for additional one year terms, unless either party provides 30-day electronic notice of non-renewal to the other party in advance of subscription anniversary date.
  • Credit Cards: Payments made by credit card or debit card are billed and processed by Authorize.net, who is acting solely as a billing, payment and processing agent for and on behalf of Veriato, Inc., the principal. You are contracting with and the software and services will only be provided by Veriato, Inc.
  • Additional Agents: The subscription term for any agents added by Subscriber after the beginning of the then-current subscription term will be coterminous with the then current subscription term for the existing agents.
    • Subscription charges for additional agents will be the same as at the Subscriber’s current subscription charges, unless otherwise expressly agreed by the parties in writing.