Veriato for Healthcare

Safeguard Private Health Data & Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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Comprehensive Solutions For Healthcare Organizations

Get Ahead of Insider Risk

Veriato’s AI-powered algorithm analyzes user behavior patterns and automatically alerts you to any abnormal or suspicious activity.

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes hundreds of signals to generate and assign individual risk scores to each user.

Establish Robust Data Security Protocols

Monitor application, network and web usage. Track file and data access. Use AI to generate risk scores to safeguard against data breaches and insider threats.

Simplify Audits and Regulatory Compliance

Easy-to-use, customizable dashboard puts key user activity monitoring insights at your fingertips.

Get detailed user activity information on each user, generate detailed reports and set up real-time alerts.

Veriato Meets Unique Healthcare Requirements

Monitor Use Interaction with Health Records

While Electronic Health Records (EHR) applications provide an audit trail of access to records, healthcare organizations need to understand data usage beyond EHR to ensure data security and compliance. User activity monitoring solutions from Veriato allow detailed tracking of data being accessed, applications used and much more.

Demonstrate HIPAA & Other Regulatory Compliance

Veriato assists with the healthcare industry’s ever-present mandate to meet HIPAA and other regulatory requirements by demonstrating that protective controls are in place and are effective. Proactively monitor for potential threats, set up fully customizable, real-time alerts and make reporting easier.

Conduct Reviews & Audits

Veriato helps healthcare organizations conduct audits and mitigate any data breaches by logging detailed, contextual, rich user activity data and PHI usage. Our software makes staying compliant and running audits much easier, with real-time alerts to customizable reporting and dashboards. User activity data is collected continuously, and a data trail is available for audits and internal investigations.

Healthcare Industry Case Studies

Healthcare – Need to Ensure Compliance

A healthcare company ensures HIPAA compliance of its hybrid workforce with Veriato insider risk management solutions. Veriato’s user activity monitoring ensured remote employees were handling PHI data correctly and safely.

Healthcare – Creating Trust with Hybrid Workers

Veriato helps a large claims integrity company optimize productivity and ensure compliance of their hybrid workforce. The company was able to be more competitive in their hiring and retain valuable employees.