Veriato for Government AGENCIES

User Activity Monitoring For Local, State and Federal Government

Used and Loved by Thousands of Customers In Over 35 Countries

Comprehensive Solutions For the Public Sector

Get Ahead of Insider Risk

Veriato’s AI-powered algorithm analyzes user behavior patterns and automatically alerts you to any abnormal or suspicious activity.

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes hundreds of signals to generate and assign individual risk scores to each user.

Establish Robust Data Security Protocols

Monitor application, network and web usage. Track file and data access. Use AI to generate risk scores to safeguard against data breaches and insider threats.

Employee Productivity Monitoring Made Simple

Powerful tools to keep your remote, hybrid and office teams engaged and productive.

The New Reality of the Public Sector

Your Agency is a Priority Target

Government agencies handle PII and other sensitive data, making them a prime target for theft. The public sector often lacks the cybersecurity capabilities and resources of private corporations. User activity monitoring and behavior analytics can give government organizations at all levels the capabilities to monitor for threats and prevent data breaches.

Sensitive Data Has Become More Accessible

With the changing nature of work, government agencies need to understand detailed data usage and access by remote/hybrid employees, contractors and other third-parties. User activity monitoring solutions from Veriato allow detailed tracking of data being accessed, applications used and much more to ensure security and compliance.

Remote & Hybrid Employee Productivity Has to be Measured

Today’s “work from anywhere” world makes it harder for managers to keep an eye over their workforce. Unproductive employees are much more difficult to spot when your team is remote. User activity monitoring software is a way to optimize your entire workforce productivity, no matter where they work.