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Smoother Workforce Investigations With Behavior Analytics

Workplace Investigations – Difficult, but Critical

Workplace investigations are a critical function of IT, information security and HR teams across most organizations. From data breaches to fraud and company policy violations, investigations can be difficult and time consuming. It can also be difficult to gather necessary evidence across a company’s sea of data and ensure a fair and transparent process for everyone involved.

Behavior analytics can help sift through a lot of data to zero in on the evidence that supports an investigation from access to databases to emails or text messages sent. Behavior analytics software also reduces the time, cost and emotional toll that an investigation can take on an organization.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to move from insider threat investigation to proactive insider risk management
  • How behavior analytics software can help
  • Examples of threats to be investigated and unique challenges of such investigations

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2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

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