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Protecting and Securing Manufacturing Intellectual Property

The theft of intellectual property is likely at the top of your list of concerns. The manufacturing industry generally shares your concern – intellectual property theft is considered the #1 cyber threat facing manufacturers today, as well as being the top data protection concern . With 90% of data breaches in the manufacturing industry involving intellectual property1, the focus on intellectual property is justified.

A material 39% of manufacturing organizations experienced a breach in the last 12 months 2 with 38% of organizations affected incurring losses of more than $1 million. While breaches aren’t necessarily related to intellectual property, 35% of executives stating they believe intellectual property theft was the primary motive for the cyberattacks experienced by their company 2.

So, what’s needed is a means to have complete visibility into every action performed by anyone interacting with intellectual property – every application used, webpage visited, record copied, file saved, print screen generated, and page printed. Only then will the organization truly know whether their intellectual property is secure.

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2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

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