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How Insider Risk Management Complements Existing Cyber Security Solutions for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare organizations typically implement cyber security solutions either after a scare about HIPAA or other noncompliance, or to get ahead of threats after a breach or threat has occurred such as theft of PII. Because of this, much of the technology that healthcare organizations have installed acts to mitigate threats with capabilities like safeguarding data, locking down a computer or restricting access.

While threat mitigation is critical, it leaves many healthcare companies needlessly exposed. Healthcare organizations in particular need early detection because even one incident of non-compliance creates liability and exposure.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • About the state of cyber security in healthcare
  • How insider risk management helps get ahead of threats
  • What are the popular threat detection solutions and what are their limitations
  • How healthcare organizations can improve data security and get ahead of threats

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