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How Firewalls Can Leave Your Institution Vulnerable

Firewalls are typically used to prevent hackers, or malicious actors from accessing your internal network. In addition, they are also utilized to filter Internet access to unapproved websites from within the internal network; however, that is not always the case when the machine is taken off the network. While they are able to see network traffic traversing the perimeter via firewall logs, and are likely to block website access, a perimeter firewall is unable to see the context of activities or any activity that is occurring solely within the network, leaving your educational institution vulnerable.

Firewalls therefore do not provide sufficient protection for a multitude of vulnerabilities within your network. User Activity monitoring fills these gaps by continuously monitoring users for signs of risk

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2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

Odds are that your organization will experience at least one threat in 2024, if not more than one. IBM estimates that a single threat costs an organization an average of $4.35 million, not to mention the work to contain and clean up, and the potential damage to the...