Employee Monitoring, Insider Risk

Your Employees Are Your Biggest Threat

How To Stop Fraud, Theft and Risk

Insider threat incidents have risen 44% in the past two years – do you have the right plan in place to keep your business safe?

With more people working from home, using their own devices and working off-network, businesses have blind spots. What’s more, people are more likely to steal from companies when they work from home.

Your business doesn’t have to bear the costs of employee threats – with the right approach, you can stop threats before they happen. 

This eBook shows the path from imminent threat management to proactive risk management:

  • What trends you need to know about that threaten your business today
  • How to spot the signs that an employee has become a risk
  • Best practices for getting ahead of threats

See how you can safeguard your business while enabling your employees to work where and when they want to with Veriato.

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Employee Monitoring Resources

3 Steps to Spotting Insider Risk

3 Steps to Spotting Insider Risk

Your employees have access to your organization’s most valuable data – customer detail, intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), vendors lists, bank accounts, financials, and more. When an employee no longer has the organization’s best...