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Demonstrating HIPAA Compliance with Veriato

The biggest challenge in ensuring HIPAA data security is people.

At its core, HIPAA compliance is simply about maintaining patient privacy by ensuring the appropriate access to and use of patient data by your users. Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions provide detail around when patient data is accessed, but without visibility into what users do with sensitive patient data after they access it, the risk of data breaches, compliance violations, and the investigations, fines, and repetitional damage that comes with them, is significantly increased.

Malicious users whose loyalty no longer aligns with the organization can improperly access, copy, email, share, or print patient data – in many cases, without the knowledge of the EHR platform in use.

Veriato provides contextual user activity detail and screen recordings necessary to satisfy HIPAA requirements. By logging all user activity and capturing screen detail for video playback, Veriato creates an indisputable audit trail that will satisfy the evidence requirements of even the most scrutinizing auditor.

This brief discusses the challenges of safeguarding patient data, and how Veriato uniquely creates the audit detail necessary to meet HIPAA compliance objectives.

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