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Network Behavior and User Activity Intelligence

A recent survey asked information security decision-makers – from financial services, professional services, healthcare, retail, and government organizations around the world – what keeps them up at night. And insider threats were high on the list for the 345 pros polled.

What scares them most about insider threats? It’s the imposters – the bad actors who can infiltrate an organization by taking over an account and posing as a legitimate user. Their motivation can be anything from mischief to major fraud – and these breaches cost significant time, money and resources that the organization can’t afford to spare.

Protection from imposters requires rapid and reliable detection that offers immediate insight into what’s happening, how it’s happening, where it’s happening and how to stop it – fast.

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2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

Odds are that your organization will experience at least one threat in 2024, if not more than one. IBM estimates that a single threat costs an organization an average of $4.35 million, not to mention the work to contain and clean up, and the potential damage to the...