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4 Steps to Monitoring Employees in a Remote Workplace

The idea of maintaining a “bricks and mortar” business where every employee works solely at the office (let alone working in the same location) is no longer the norm. With 70% of employees working remotely at least one day a week, there is a new dynamic to how employees see the importance of the organization and its concerns around security.

While employee productivity can be a key driver in an organization choosing to utilize remote employees, not every employee is wired to work remotely. Employees can fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category, causing a reduction in engagement. Some may feel a disconnect to the organization, due to not being around their work peers on a daily basis. This can add up to an employee solely focused on the value of the work they do, creating a sense of entitlement around both the time they dedicate to the organization and the organization’s data and resources.

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2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

2024 Insider Risk Preparedness Checklist

Odds are that your organization will experience at least one threat in 2024, if not more than one. IBM estimates that a single threat costs an organization an average of $4.35 million, not to mention the work to contain and clean up, and the potential damage to the...