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Why Use A Free Computer Monitoring Software?

By Veriato Team

Managers can’t hover over their employees’ shoulders to see what’s on their computer screens, but they can use free computer monitoring software to gain insight into their team’s activities. This technology isn’t new, but it’s become increasingly popular over the last several years, and it’s not hard to see why. Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of free computer monitoring software in your workplace:

How Does Computer Monitoring Software Work?

Computer monitoring software is available for PCs, Macs, and Android devices. Once installed, it can run discreetly in the background.

This software will record detailed information about all the user’s activity. In fact, you can even access a history of the user’s keystrokes, web searches, instant messages, file movement, downloads, uploads, print jobs, USB device usage, network access, and more.

Every time a new program is opened, the software will automatically time how long it is used. This information is compiled into a productivity report so you can see how your employees are spending the majority of their time.

Monitoring software also acts as a digital surveillance camera by recording the user’s screen. This allows you to ascertain their activities and understand their productivity and time-consuming tasks.

These are some of the many features of computer monitoring software that managers can use to lead their teams to success.

How Do You Monitor Employees Working From Home?

Managers have even less visibility into what their remote employees are working on throughout the day. Unfortunately, research has shown that people who work from home don’t necessarily spend the entire day working. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the average employee only works for about 2.94 hours of an 8-hour workday when working from home. This statistic illustrates why it is so important for managers to gain visibility into what their remote workers are doing while on-the-clock.

If you are managing remote workers, it’s essential to look for the right tool to monitor your employees’ online activities from afar. Fortunately, monitoring software is cloud-based, which means it is easy to install on remote workers’ computers.

You can even use this software to remotely access, lockdown, or track the location of remote workers‘ computers. This makes it easier to protect your data if a remote worker goes rogue or refuses to return the company equipment.

The Benefits of Using Free Computer Monitoring Software

Here are some of the many benefits of computer monitoring software in the workplace:

  • Track employee productivity. Monitoring software will allow you to see what your employees are doing throughout the workday. This information will help you determine who is pulling their weight—and who isn’t—on your team.
  • Provide better feedback. By using computer monitoring software, managers can learn more about each employee’s daily activities and use this information to provide better feedback.
  • Protect sensitive data. Insiders are responsible for about 54% of all data breaches in the U.S. Monitoring software will alert you when an employee engages in suspicious behavior, so you can take immediate action to stop the threat and protect your company’s data.
  • Accurately bill clients. If you bill clients by the hour, this software will make it easy for you to keep track of how much time your employees spend on each client. You won’t need to rely on your employees to accurately track their own hours.

The question isn’t why you should monitor employees; you should be wondering why you’re NOT monitoring as it’s such a powerful way to increase productivity.

prevent data breaches with monitoring software

Gain the Visibility You Need to Lead

Find out which employees are working hard—and which are hardly working—with Veriato software. Veriato is a leading employee productivity monitoring solution that can help you track and record your employees’ online activity. Catch potential problems right away with custom real-time alerts or download our daily, weekly, and monthly reports to review each employee’s activity at a later date.

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