How to choose the Best Productivity Tracker in 2020

By Veriato Team

Monitoring productivity is not a new thing. What’s rapidly evolving is HOW we monitor employee productivity. Digital monitoring is now possible on a level previously unimaginable.

Artificial Intelligence has allowed software to understand and process raw data to algorithmically search for patterns and trends. Using AI integrations, software can now understand the context of texts and information. These developments allow for AI-assisted staff monitoring software to generate highly detailed reports and highlight issues.

As AI can focus on almost unlimited aspects simultaneously, it can monitor the real time situation of your workforce. This means that not only can it highlight productivity issues, but it can also detect problem patterns and raise concerns about problems before they fully develop.

Effective productivity tracking could be the key to your success in 2020, so what should you consider when picking a productivity tracker?

Things to Consider when Choosing a Productivity Tracker

What are the most preferential features that a productivity tracker should include?

  1. Cross-Platform – By picking a system that works on MAC and Windows at the beginning, it helps to make sure it covers the company for future changes. While staff may only be using one operating system at the moment, that can always change. Everyone needs to be monitored.
  2. Employee Monitoring – You don’t just need a time tracker, you need software that can monitor, analyze, and generate reports on exactly how employees are using their time. It should cover everything from applications to the internet.

    Productivity Tracker

  3. Clear Reports – As a manager or owner, you don’t need raw data, you need clear and easy to understand reports. These should be set out in a way that you can easily see which staff are wasting time, to see an overview of how a particular staff member is performing, and where the issues lie within the company. Selective reporting and data grouping are vital for this task.
  4. Improvements or Declines – Whether for an individual, a team, or the entire company, you should be able to quickly see and understand if there has been an improvement or decline over a selected period. This makes it far easier to target issues or to know that implemented ‘solutions’ are actually working as expected.
  5. Mobile Usage – Often, those in charge want to be able to check what is happening, no matter where they are. A mobile-friendly website or mobile application can make a massive difference when you are monitoring things while traveling.
  6. Friendly User Interface – Productivity or employee tracking software is only as good as its interface. If the software isn’t intuitive and easy to use, then it isn’t going to get utilized properly. It would help if you had software that is not only intuitive but also displays the data in various graphical outputs for easy interpretation.
  7. Cloud or Hosted – To some degree, this may depend on the data you manage and your location. However, ideally, you want to have the choice of storing the data on-premises, or in a secured cloud location. The benefit of the cloud solution is that it is ‘ready to go’ and doesn’t require a lot of expenditure or infrastructure.
  8. Price – You want a price that is affordable and expandable to allow the software and options to grow with your business. Subscription services are often best, as they continue to make improvements and give ongoing support, without any need for a large initial outlay.

    Increase Productivity

Are You Ready to Increase Productivity?

By introducing a productivity tracker in 2020, you can start the year positively. The tracker will allow you to easily spot what is working, and what’s not. This can include clumsy software or systems that are hindering workflow, or identifying areas that are clearly excelling.

Having a clear overview allows managers to focus on what needs improvement. This helps to streamline processes across the board, as well as reduce negative activities that could be hindering productivity (such as excessive social media usage).

Monitored employees have been proven to be naturally more efficient. They know that they are being watched, and so don’t do a lot of the things that they may have previously gotten away with. Having exact information also helps with promoting the right people and awarding bonuses in fair and non-discriminatory ways.

So, will you sign up for a productivity tracker in 2020?

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