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Forensic Software – Getting the Proof You Need

By Veriato Team

Employees are both the biggest asset of a company and also the biggest risk factor.

Forensic software is designed to provide visibility when malicious or incompetent employee behavior is suspected that could present a threat to the company.

Trying to gather proof of these issues manually is both time consuming and high risk. If you tip off the staff member, they can cover the tracks, and you may never know what was done.

By using forensic software, you remove the risk factor and ensure reliable evidence is gathered, even if that evidence proves their innocence. What’s more, if innocence is proven, the staff member will never know they were suspected.

Time is Money

When a staff member is suspected of wrongdoings, the saying “time is money” couldn’t be more accurate.

Sometimes it can merely be an unfounded suspicion. However, when malicious actions or dangerous errors are occurring, the actions of a single staff member can have a detrimental impact on the company.

The longer you wait without proof or action, the larger the problem can become.

Not only can the staff member incur costs for the company and tip of competitors to proprietary company information, but they could also cause data leaks and legal problems.

Data leaks cause a considerable expense to businesses. As they can incur fines from data protection policies such as GDPR, as well as legal action from those of whom the data was leaked.

On top of this, the reputational damage can cause losses and even be unrecoverable if severe enough.

So, if you suspect a staff member is doing something they shouldn’t, don’t delay getting proof.

Forensic Software

What Can Employee Investigation Forensic Software Record?

Effective employee forensic software needs to tackle the evidence gathering task from multiple angles. There are many ways an employee can damage a company, and so these should be all be included:

  1. Websites visited.
  2. All online searches performed.
  3. Any emails received or sent, including webmail (online email) activities.
  4. Chat apps.
  5. Instant messaging.
  6. Keystrokes to record all inputs made and reinforce other data gathered.
  7. Program usage and activity.
  8. File movements, including saved documents and even printouts of files.
  9. Network activity, including any other networks that were accessed.
  10. Screenshots and full recordings of device activities.

These all combine to create an airtight case to prove the employee’s innocence or guilt.

Forensic Software

How to Gather Evidence with Forensic Software?

Effective employee investigation forensic software, like that of Veriato Investigator, should be simple to set up and effortless to use.

It will also be invisible to the employee, so there is no chance of them realizing that they are currently under investigation.

Veriato Investigator includes these features to make an employee investigation simple and 100% based on real and provable facts:

  • Simple Setup – There is no need for specialist infrastructure or setup. Installation takes only a matter of minutes and does not require an expert to install or to understand the data presented.
  • Invisible – The forensic software is undetectable to the staff member. This ensures that they continue to act as normal and that the evidence of guilt/innocence is real.
  • Usable Proof – The evidence collected is provided in simple and easy to understand formats, including live recording of actions that took place.
  • Secure – All data collected is stored in an encrypted format for ultimate protection.
  • User Roles – Access to the built-in data viewer and management console is completely restricted; only users granted permission can get access.
  • Fully Exportable – Selected data can be exported/converted into numerous formats to allow it to be used effectively. Even the entire data set can be fully exported as you choose.
  • Flexible Plans and Licenses – Licenses can be for 60 days, 90 days, or longer. Licensing can even be switched between employees, should the first employee investigated be proved innocent, the next subject can be investigated up to the duration of the license.

In the Need of Forensic Support?

In that case, order Veriato Investigator with confidence. With over 15 years of experience and deployed in more than 36,000 companies, including governmental agencies, you can trust Veriato Investigator.

Simple setup and highly effective results are the reasons why this solution is used again and again.

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