Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity Remotely

By Veriato Team

Employee monitoring and productivity tracking features valuable insights into your teams’ performance levels throughout the day. If your office has been recently affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might also be transitioning into a more remote-friendly workplace environment.

How do you make sure your employees are staying productive? Can you accurately measure an increase or decrease in your team’s overall productivity?

For both remote and onsite teams, take a look at some of the best ways to boost employee productivity with monitoring software.

Virtual Workplace Activity Tracking

One of the most important metrics to consider when looking at workflows is how well current processes are working for your employees. Have you noticed a significant slowdown recently, but you don’t know what’s causing the slump?

Workplace productivity tracking is a quick way to assess worker patterns and identify areas for improvement. Some of the ways to measure productivity include:

  • AI-powered User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
  • Risk scoring
  • Endpoint visibility and analysis
  • Network activity monitoring
  • Keystroke logging
  • Timekeeping

These tools work together to provide you with a comprehensive look at how your employees are spending their workday.

Monitoring employee productivity with tracking software is a simple preventative measure that will give you the ability to automate and monitor a wide range of tasks related to your company’s overall output.

Computer Monitoring

As more and more companies are moving over to a remote workplace, employee monitoring has become even more of a hot-button topic in 2020.

Managers are concerned about dipping productivity levels, increased distractions, and reduced production as a result of this instability. But, working remotely can actually improve employee productivity – if they’re given the right tools and support.

Computer monitoring software provides employees and managers with a comprehensive at-a-glance look at their progress. Progress tracking is proven to be one of the best ways to stay on track, no matter what the goal in question is.

Using real-time user reports, you can assess an individual’s productivity on a granular, project-by-project basis. Or, you can see how an entire team or department is performing as a whole.

You don’t have to let lack of office access impact your daily workflows. Whether you’re concerned about overseeing remote teams or your employees are struggling with the transition to telecommuting, comprehensive computer monitoring software has everyone covered.

Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity Remotely

Detect Drops in Production or Worker Speed

Worker productivity is measured by more than just produced units x time spent on any given project. Distractions, poor communication, and other hurdles can impede your staff’s ability to:

  • Meet established deadlines
  • Keep up with production quotas
  • Complete projects accurately
  • Prevent errors
  • Apply attention to detail

Timekeeping software is a great way to ensure that your employees are actively working when they’re on the clock. You can view a variety of features that will paint a detailed picture of each worker’s individual stats, including:

  • Idle time
  • Browser history
  • Keylogging
  • Search engine tracking
  • Dips in user activity
  • Anomaly identification

Whether you want to make sure your employees are using their time wisely or you’re concerned about how well your staff is adjusting to a new software rollout, timekeeping is a useful tool for teams of any size.

Easy Ways to Boost Employee Productivity Remotely

Execute Data Loss Prevention

In general, your company’s proprietary data is the foundation of your overall enterprise. Everything from your customer’s contact information to top-secret business plans are stored digitally on your network, making corporate devices a hot target for cyber fraud. Data loss can also slow down internal processes, impacting your company’s bottomline in the long run.

Data loss prevention is the compilation of measures your company takes to prevent personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands. Common data-loss prevention solutions include:

  • Cloud upload monitoring
  • USB and critical document tracking
  • DLP enhancement
  • Remote device control/locking in the event of employee termination

These data-saving tools can prevent hackers or negligent users from damaging the integrity of your company’s data. The above capabilities are also proven to be effective defenses against:

  • IP theft
  • Unauthorized file sharing
  • Identity theft
  • Wire fraud

Ensure that you’re taking every defense against cyber crime and corporate espionage by prioritizing data loss prevention. This piece of the employee productivity puzzle is critical, but often overlooked.

Don’t add to the economic impact your business has experienced as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Improve worker productivity and reduce costs incurred from cyber crime by preventing data loss with a strong monitoring platform.

Remote Employee Management

If you’re managing remote teams, you might be wondering how to execute a practical monitoring strategy to ensure that everyone is staying on track.

Monitoring software that features AI-enabled tracking and cloud-based file storage/sharing, you can manage the activities of your remote employees from anywhere at any time.

While you may or may not be based in a standard office location, you need to be sure that you can access employee user reports, productivity tracking analysis, and timekeeping data on demand. This means you need to have a computer monitoring platform that supports company devices, both on and off network.

This will also help you determine if employees are struggling with new programs or policies, such as the transition to telecommuting. Effectively establishing a remote management strategy will improve:

  • Staff communication and
  • Mass correspondence and announcements
  • Virtual corporate trainings
  • New tech rollouts
  • Data security

Use remote employee monitoring software to give your management teams an extra tool to support staff members with whatever they may need throughout the workday, no matter where they are physically located.

Your company’s data security is the foundation of your business, and your employees play a major role in your overall information security plan. Monitoring software with threat detection will give you an added barrier of coverage to handle the many facets of the infosec sphere.

Roll out your new monitoring program to boost employee productivity today.

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