Insider Risk

Attack the problem before the problem attacks you

By Veriato Team

In our most recent post we identified that only a small number (21%) of organizations are continuously monitoring the behavior of their users. Further, we say that the most common method for gaining visibility into user behavior with core applications is the review of server logs.

Only 30% of organizations are using any type of analytics to help them detect insider threats.

Insider threats are real. They are damaging. They are difficult to detect and prevent. And we are concerned about our data.

Yet budgets are not aligned. And only about 1/5 of organizations have focused technology in place aimed at detecting the types of shifts in user behavior that indicate insider threat. Something needs to change, or we will continue to read about devastating insider attacks.

Where to start? The first and most critical step towards mitigating the risk of a successful insider attack is detection. There is a detection problem. The good news is that problems can be solved.

First, focus where the problem is. The most common launching point for an insider attack is the endpoint – the place from where the insider is accessing the databases and file servers. We have users. Users are insiders. User Behavior Analytics has emerged to focus on detecting insider threats. And our user / insiders are most commonly attacking from the endpoint.

It stands to reason that we need to focus on the user activity and behavior taking place on the endpoint. Given the high cost of cleaning up after a successful insider attack, we can’t afford not to.

How Veriato Works

Veriato is endpoint-based, which ensures organizations have complete visibility into user behavior, regardless of application. By creating an audit trail that spans the entirety of a user’s activity – which includes application and resource usage, communications, web activity, and more – detection of threats (both analytics- and action-based), investigations, and contextual response is simplified.

A Holistic Security Strategy

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) + User Activity Monitoring (UAM) + Data Breach Response (DBR)

Because you never know where an attack will come from, it’s critical that every endpoint is protected from both external and internal attacks.

Internal breaches can come from:

  • Accidental employee actions
  • Malicious employee actions
  • Former employees
  • Contractors
  • Business partners
  • External attacker posing as an insider (stolen credentials)

2023 Preparedness Checklist: Ensure Your Workforce Is Productive and Secure

This guide will help you understand where there are opportunities and risks in your workforce, and what you can do to make sure 2023 is as secure and productive as possible with workforce behavior analytics.

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