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Are Your Employees Creating Risks For Your Organization While Working at Home?

By Jay Godse

This is the important question that Veriato Head of Product & Technology,  Jay Godse asks in his new article, published this week. With so many employees working from home, it’s hard for CISOs, managers and HR leaders to know what they are doing, and that creates risk. 

  • Are employees aware of the top accidental risks they pose?
  • Are employees trained in data loss prevention?
  • Do you have a disgruntled employee that needs to be talked to before they harm the company? 
  • Is an employee leaving and planning to take IP with them? 
  • Does an employee work with sensitive information in a non-compliant way? 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Threats to the company are much harder to spot when people are working at home. What’s more, a lot of companies have started allowing people to work outside of the network, and even on their own computers, creating major blind spots. Those blind spots not only open the door for fraud, theft and worse, they make it difficult for companies to create a paper trail if an issue does occur. 

In the article, Jay notes that “Companies need a new approach to ensure they have the insights to help stop insider attacks.” They also need the right tools to analyze and capture employee activity in a way that is objective and effective. 

Fill in your blind spots 

Employees and contractors create risks for organizations – data breaches, fraud cases, theft and other threats happen every day. Too often, companies can only react once a breach has occurred, and often lack the information or tools to properly record what happened. In his article, Jay recommends a multi-pronged approach that can help organizations recognize risks before they turn into threats and deal with issues more effectively. 

  1. Train your people: Educate managers on key signs of disgruntled or out-of-compliance employees. Remind everyone of best practices and policies. Provide points of escalation that people can follow if they spot an issue.
  2. Create more safety layers: Reach out to at-home workers and ask them to create more secure passwords. Minimize access to sensitive data.  
  3. Invest in employee monitoring technology: The signs of insider risk are everywhere – if you have the tools to find them. From AI that can detect negative language in an email to technology that can spot unusual activity in a database, the right software partner can provide eyes and ears across every employee.

Veriato – Built to protect your organization 

 Veriato is technology built for today’s distributed work environment. Veriato helps companies identify risky behaviors before an issue happens, even for workers off network on their own computers.  

  • Detect and prevent insider-led security incidents 
  • Get alerted to risky user behavior 
  • Reduce out-of-policy data interactions 
  • Prevent data exfiltration from the endpoint 
  • Scalable architecture for up to 300k endpoints 

Modern monitoring for today’s workforce 

 Veriato not only detects potential threats, it also helps managers better understand their employee’s behaviors. From productivity issues to harassment, working from home can be hard, even if people want to do it.  

 It’s easier for organizations to allow employees to work from home when they have monitoring in place that is objective and effective. In fact, employees feel that technology does a better job tracking their work than people.  

We’ve helped thousands of organizations get ahead of insider risk and create a more productive workforce. Yours can be next. 


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