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7 Reasons You Should Be Using Employee Monitoring Software

By Veriato Team

With modern technology and integrated software, it has become easier than ever to manage security, efficiency, and productivity.

By choosing to use employee monitoring software, you are taking the first step towards securing company data, improving efficiency, and motivating employees. Although some are concerned about privacy, when used correctly, employee monitoring can boost morale and protect the privacy of staff members.

Top 7 Reasons for Using Employee Monitoring Software

There are a lot of uses for this type of software and numerous benefits. Here we look at the top reasons management should introduce employee monitoring in the workplace:

  1. Data Protection – Both the proprietary data of the company and information about clients has significant value. Hackers, Insiders, and competitors would love to get their hands on this information. Even an unhappy employee may decide to release this information as an act of vengeance. However, with a properly set up employee monitoring, most of this can be prevented entirely. If it can’t be prevented fully, then it can be stopped faster, and the employee responsible will be able to be addressed with full evidence of their actions.
  2. Increased Productivity – The knowledge that you are being monitored tends to make you behave better. Just look at how effective clearly displayed CCTV cameras are in reducing crimes. Employee monitoring works similarly, as staff know that they could be being watched at any moment and that their actions are being recorded and reported. This, in turn, leads to more focus and higher levels of productivity across the board.

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  3. Reduced Losses – when staff members are being monitored, and reports are created about their usage of applications, they focus more on work-related activities. This means more time is spent on work, and less time is wasted on YouTube and social media, resulting in productivity increases. Roughly 30-60% (or more) of your payroll is for ‘time wasted’ when the company is not using employee monitoring — implementing monitoring software results in a considerable reduction in previously wasted staff hours.
  4. Increased Accuracy – As staff is now more focused on work and less on other distractions, accuracy also increased as a result. Being held accountable for ones’ actions encourages people to take more care and do things properly. Even if they don’t, management can be alerted to severe issues quickly and step in to prevent or contain any problems.
  5. Reports and Data – Employee monitoring provides accurate reports on what staff members are spending their time on. This allows managers to provide training where required and to reward those that are excelling. The data can also identify idle times and ‘bottlenecks’ in workflows, helping to increase efficiency further.
  6. Remote Staff – Nowadays, there are more opportunities for companies to make use of remote workers and freelancers. Even full-time staff may need to work off-site. With monitoring software installed, their work can be monitored, and company data protected, no matter where they are. Devices can also be tracked, helping to update clients with travel progress or to recover devices that are lost or stolen.
  7. Billing Accuracy – Sometimes, quoting a project can be difficult, and clients are typically advised that the initial quotation may require further adjustment. However, it is often tricky to know exactly how much time staff members have spent on an individual project. With employee monitoring software, that is no longer the case. The reports can be set up to be able to provide accurate billing to all clients for the time spent on their tasks. In many cases, this results in more revenue for the company.

Is Employee Monitoring Software Worth The Cost?

value your money

Whether you are a startup, SME, or larger, the first point in the above list makes employee monitoring worthwhile. Due to some horrendous data breaches over the years, penalties for breaking data protection laws are now quite substantial. However, often it isn’t the penalty that ultimately kills the business; it is the damage to consumer trust and the brand’s reputation. The cost to a company when data leaks occur is immeasurable.

Then if you look at the fact that around 30-60% of the company’s paid work hours are wasted by staff doing other things (other than their job), that cost alone should more than cover the cost of employee monitoring. However, when focused work hours almost double and revenues increase by a considerable amount from increased efficiency, you will likely wonder why you didn’t sign up for a plan sooner.


Employee monitoring is not about invading privacy or spying. When this solution is used properly, it motivates staff, allows for more freedom to work independently, and can change the future of a company. With a better workforce, less wasted costs, and fewer errors or issues, your company becomes leaner and stronger. So, why not see for yourself with our employee monitoring free trial?

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