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6 Reasons Computer Monitoring can improve Employee Productivity

By Veriato Team

The average employee only spends about 40% of their day on primary work-related tasks. In other words, in a standard 8-hour day, the average employee is only working on essential tasks for about 3 hours and 12 minutes. How can employers ensure their employees are working for the remaining 4 hours and 48 minutes per day? Here are six reasons why computer monitoring software can improve employee productivity:

Block Distractions

Employees who work at a computer all day might feel tempted to take a break and surf the web. They may log in to Facebook or Twitter, watch funny videos on YouTube, shop on Amazon, or check their personal Gmail account. The more non-work-related websites they visit, the more time they waste.

Telling your employees not to visit these websites is not an effective way to keep them focused. Instead, use computer monitoring software to block distracting websites. You can use this software to block specific categories of sites—such as any website that is classified as a social media platform—or specific URLs.

This will eliminate this major distraction so employees will have no other choice but to stay on track.

Identify Time-Consuming Tasks

Monitoring software provides daily, weekly, or monthly reporting that can help managers improve their team’s productivity. By analyzing these reports, managers can identify time-consuming tasks that are slowing their team down.

If a specific task is taking too much time, managers can try to figure out a more efficient way to get the job done. This is known as “process improvement,” and it’s the key to boosting your team’s morale, showing them that you care about their job satisfaction, and improving their productivity.

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Measure Hard Work

It’s hard for employers to know who is working hard and who is hardly working. But computer monitoring software will make it much easier for managers to identify the strongest and weakest players on their team.

Monitoring each employee’s online activities will show managers who are getting the most work done, meeting deadlines, and staying on track throughout the day. Managers can use this data when determining who should be rewarded with pay raises, promotions, and recognition. Receiving these rewards will motivate these hard-working employees to try even harder, thus increasing their productivity.

Likewise, this software will also show managers who are not pulling their own weight. Managers can use this data to terminate employees who are not meeting certain expectations. Replacing these employees with productive workers could lead to a significant increase in your team’s productivity.

Look For Training Opportunities

Employee monitoring software can help managers identify valuable training opportunities for their team.

For example, the software may provide a productivity report that shows several employees on your team are spending a lot of time completing a specific task. A deeper dive into this report may reveal that these employees often have to look for answers on Google or ask co-workers for help to complete the task.

This could indicate that these employees were not adequately trained on how to complete this task. Taking the time to train them could help them complete this task faster, which will increase their productivity.

Don’t expect your employees to come to you when they need training—instead, use monitoring software to look for training opportunities that will boost your team’s productivity.

Motivates Employees to Stay On Track

Employers have the option of running monitoring software in stealth mode, which means their employees will not know that their online activities are being recorded. However, many employers choose to tell their employees that they have installed monitoring software.

Taking a transparent approach can improve your team’s productivity. If employees know they are being monitored, they are less likely to engage in non-work-related activities. They know that they cannot get away with slacking off, which will motivate them to stay on track.

Simplifies Delegation Decisions

Monitoring software can provide invaluable data that managers can use to make smarter delegation decisions. Managers can analyze each employee’s productivity report to determine their strengths and weaknesses.

For example, an employee on your team might complete a particular task three times as fast as anyone else. Based on this information, it doesn’t make sense to continue delegating this task to other members of the team, who cannot complete it promptly. Delegating this task to the most efficient employee will improve everyone’s productivity. This illustrates how managers can use the software’s data to their advantage when delegating work to their team.

Boost Your Team’s Productivity With Computer Monitoring Software

Veriato is a computer monitoring software solution that can help managers lead their teams to success. The Veriato software will track your employees’ online activities, block distracting websites, and provide you with the data you need to improve your team’s productivity.

Learn more about Veriato’s services—and sign up for a free trial— or call 1-888-598-2788.

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