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5 Must Have Features in Employee Tracking Software

By Veriato Team

Employee tracking software is becoming far more common in SMEs and larger businesses. Managing staff can be challenging, with managers grappling with relinquishing control and encouraging employee growth while staying focused on productivity and the bottom line of the company.

In this connected era, there is also the risk of inside sabotage and proprietary data theft. Although most employees don’t start with this as their intention, disgruntled employees sometimes decide to get even with the company. In some competitive markets, other companies or hackers will also pay for an insider to get information for them.

Then there is the simple reality of human distractibility. On average, less than half of the work hours are actually productive when employees aren’t monitored. Instead, the time is spent on chat apps, social media, games, and even looking for better jobs elsewhere.

This is why, when looking for employee tracking software, it is important to choose software that will keep your employees productive, your data safe, and your business growth protected.

Top 5 Features of Employee Tracking Software

These features are the most important to consider when looking for employee tracking software:

  1. Behavioral Alerts – Most staff don’t intentionally do anything seriously ‘out of line.’ However, it is essential that when a staff member starts to act out and perform in an unusual way that managers are alerted. In some cases, this may simply highlight an unhappy staff member, but it can also help to prevent a severe internal breach by highlighting abnormal actions.

    Device Compatibility

  2. Reporting and Alerts – One of the critical factors of employee tracking is the ability to create reports with an interface that is intuitive and easily customizable. Being able to schedule reports is also a powerful feature, allowing you to systematize your employee tracking. Using alerts, administrators can be notified whenever things move outside of the set parameters.
  3. Device Compatibility – Employee tracking software is only beneficial if all devices can be tracked. It needs to work with a range of operating systems, as well as older versions of operating systems. The service should be able to monitor everything from a mobile phone to the latest Macbook.
  4. Geolocation – This feature allows Admin to know where a device is at any time (based on company policies). If geofencing is included, then alerts can also be triggered when a device leaves or enters an area. The most useful side to geolocation is for recovering lost devices and outside activities (such as with remote workers). Remote management can also help to protect against data compromises if a device is lost or stolen, or provide the required files when staff are offsite.
  5. Digital Device Usage Tracking – A lot of features should be available to track all actions performed on devices. You need to know how and where files are used, which websites are accessed, and what is transmitted in emails and chats on work devices. When picking tracking software, make sure it tracks all ways that information can be sent or received.

Are You on the Fence About Using Employee Tracking?

If you are, it’s perfectly normal. Many owners and managers love the idea of knowing what employees are doing but worry about using tracking software and the effect it might have on morale. However, when introduced properly, it has been shown that the impact is actually positive.

Be sure to involve your employees in the decision and implementation process. Explain to them how the software will also protect them from accidentally breaking policies that could result in them losing their job. Then combine this with positives, such as rewards and bonuses for those that are productive. You can even make a game out of it, with new targets and fun prizes each month.

The employee tracking software

The data collected allows for those that work hard to get the rewards that they deserve. Someone that is quiet and ‘just does their job’ might be overlooked by management. However, they may also be one of the most valuable members of staff. The employee tracking software monitors devices and provides accurate information on those who are doing the best work.

With this all in place, you should notice increased proactivity, a positive workplace, and more independent staff.


A company without employee monitoring and tracking are open to problems. Only with monitoring device usage and staff efficiency can a company properly optimize timelines, improve efficiency, and prevent insider threats. Once in place, most employees accept being monitored, and those that work hard will welcome the additional recognition. So, why not sign up for a trial of employee tracking software and see the benefits for yourself.

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